Praying with my Toddler  

Can I share a secret? I’ve always struggled with prayer in some way.

I want to instill a love for prayer in my daughter by making it something we do daily. My goal is to have prayer be something that is enjoyable for her and not a chore (even though sometimes I see it that way). Helping my daughter pray has made me more comfortable with prayer and helped develop my own prayer life. It’s amazing how in teaching we are taught. Here I am trying to teach my daughter and she helps to teach me!

Tips for praying with your toddler

  • Set small routines

We have pictures of Jesus and Mary at the bottom of our stairs and each morning we say good morning Jesus and momma Mary. Super simple – but it develops the habit for my daughter to have Jesus on her mind each morning.

  • Ask your toddler who they want to pray for

I started to ask my toddler who she wanted to pray for. She would tell me different family members names and I would fill in the blank. I wanted her to feel connected and feel like she could participate. Now she often requests to pray for family members.

  • Find triggers to remind you to pray

My husband has been very conscious of helping our daughter be aware of praying for others. Each time we hear sirens this conversation happens.

H: Do you hear sirens?

D: Yea

H: What does that mean?

D: Someone’s in trouble.

H: What do we do?

D: Prayers

My husband will then say a quick prayer out load with our daughter praying for the safety of the first responders and the people they are trying to help. It’s adorable.

However you decide to pray with your children, remember you can’t expect them to pray at your level or fully comprehend everything. Do small things and do them well. They will build on each other and help your family grow in holiness.